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About ThenAgain Media™

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people save and easily access their data and files in formats that match today’s technological standards.

Our Company

ThenAgain Media™ is a home based media conversion business, located in Rogersville TN, owned by Jordan Tyler (JT) Burchett, that aims to help people convert their media (such as video, music, pictures, files, and more) from outdated media storage devices (VHS, Cassette, Floppy Disk, etc.) to modern storage devices (DVD, CD, Flash, etc.) and Digital.

Terms of Service

Know Your Risks!

Saving your videos, pictures, music, and all of your other precious memories from decaying or not being accessible later on in life is a great idea. In the future you’re video tapes may no longer operate or if they do the future generations may not have access to a player, leaving it a useless piece of plastic. There are definitely benefits but let's talk about the risks you take when having your files converted into another format or transferred onto a different type of media storage device. Don’t get too scared though because we’re also going to talk about what preventative measures (routine maintenance, cleaning, testing, and antivirus protection) ThenAgain Media takes to do our best to keep these types of problems from happening to you.

Why are we telling you this? The mission of ThenAgain Media is to help people save and easily access all of their files and we want to be up front about what could go wrong. Chances are these things will not happen but letting you know the risks helps to protect us as a company and to broaden your understanding of what could go wrong and what we do to prevent these occurrences.

By employing any services provided by ThenAgain Media, both online and offline, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service provided above and the Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use found here

Preventative Measures

Preparing for dangerous situations and properly maintaining equipment is an important aspect of helping ensure that we provide you with the best quality and safety.